‘We contacted Canada Post 3 times’: Calgary man trying to move mailbox to paint fence

A Calgary homeowner is frustrated after he says he spent three weeks of trying to get Canada Post to move a “super mailbox” next to his yard.

Robert Caron has to repaint his fence and repair his retaining wall, but there is only 15 to 20 centimetres of space between the mailboxes and his property line.

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“If they were just moved off to the side so we could do our job and then put it back, it’s fine with me. I have no problem with that and that’s what I am trying to accomplish,” Caron said.

“We contacted Canada Post three times. They told me it would cost $1,600 to move the mailbox.”

A Calgary resident said he had to contact Canada Post repeatedly to get them to move a community mailbox so he could paint his fence.

Tony Tighe / Global News

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    Even though the boxes are on the City of Calgary easement or utility right-of-way, a spokesperson with the city planning and development department said they can’t get involved in moving them.

    However, Jennifer Atkinson said: “it sounds like there is a miscommunication as Canada Post has been moving the boxes temporarily in similar situations.”

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    Global News contacted Canada Post to investigate Caron’s case and within a few hours he got a call. He’s now made an appointment to meet someone to schedule a day to move the mailboxes at no cost to himself.

    Canada Post said every single request is handled on a case-by-case basis.

    Any customer who has issues with Canada Post equipment can either contact Customer Services at 1-800-267-1177 or go online at canadapost长沙夜网/support.

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