Ribfest under way at Pierrefonds borough hall

The bad weather didn’t sway West Islanders away from the BBQ ribs at the second annual Ribfest at the Pierrefonds borough hall on Friday.

Aside from ribs, there was plenty of other fried treats to feast on like Beaver Tails and Tornado Potatoes, where thin slices are skewered on a stick.

But the event goes beyond the food, it raises funds for Big Brothers Big Sisters of West Island.

Lately, there’s been a lack of volunteers, especially for Big Brother.

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Big Brothers Big Sisters Executive Director Francesca Corso hopes Ribfest will help spread the word.

But Corso warned that volunteering at the organization is serious commitment.

“The commitment is huge, so hats off to all our volunteers. They spend anywhere from two to four hours a week with a child for a minimum commitment of a year,” said Corso. “It’s important for me to be clear that people know what their getting themselves into so that no child is left disappointed after two months.”

Although food was the main attraction at this week-end’s event, parents like Kim Jepson took the time to explain to her son Tyler Pazin the importance of what Big Brothers Big Sisters West Island does for the community.

“I find it could be hard for single parents, so they need the extra help,” said Pazin.

This year’s Ribfest attracted six vendors, mostly from Ontario.

Although there are awards to be won, the vendors are all in friendly competition.

Gus Sakellis, owner of Ribs Royale BBQ, encouraged competition because he believed it only improves the quality of food for customers.

“Just go up to every booth, it won’t take up to much time, ask them to try the sauce, and try to narrow it down a little bit,” said Sakellis. “Or the family maybe split up and get a little bit from each vendor and the on way out vote and see who thinks has the best ribs and best sauce.”

Ribfest ends Sunday.

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