‘I’ve miled out three cars myself’: Edmonton super fan drives in for every Riders home game

Connie Dobson isn’t your average Riders fan. The “Travelling Rider Fan” as she’s known, has driven from Edmonton to Regina for the past decade, attending every home game.

The season ticket holder’s passion for the game started at a young age, when she would attend Roughrider games with her dad.

“When I was a kid, we would spend 12 hours, coming here for quite a few games, not all but quite a few… Then it just never stopped,” Dobson explained.

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“When I turned 18, I started getting my season tickets on my own and been in my section ever since.”

Dobson said she’s scheduled her days around Riders games, and the mileage on her cars is proof.

“My current car has 300,000 kilometres on it and it’s five years old,” she said.

“I’ve miled out three cars myself.”

Ever since she became a season ticket holder, it’s also been tradition to attend pre-Riders tailgate parties, where she’s made friends who she now calls family.

“It’s absolutely crazy. I don’t know how many cars she’s worn out but, it’s absolute dedication,” Rick Gallinger, host of the tailgate party said.

“Connie’s here all the time, she never misses.”

Norm Peel has also known Dobson for over a decade. He said her commitment to the sport is unparalleled.

“There’s people I know will drive from Kindersley, Prince Albert, Saskatoon but I don’t know anyone who drives from Edmonton for every game,” he laughed.

Dobson is celebrating her 30th birthday this year, and to ring in the milestone, she said she’s not just attending home games this season.

In fact, she’s travelling to all 18 Riders games.

“East coast to west coast, every game, all games, all preseasons games. I just bought my grey cup tickets last week, so should be pretty good,” she said.

For someone who has driven over 60,000 kilometres, football is anything but just a sport.

“When tough times happen, I always have the Riders,” she said.

“Football season is always right around the corner. Nothing lasts forever, but this is something that’ll last forever…,” she emotionally explained.

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