Bolting bovines found safe and sound in neighbour’s field

A Saint-Lazare farmer is breathing a sigh of relief, after an escaped cow and it’s calf, on the lam since Thursday morning, were found safe and sound Saturday morning.

A frantic search for the two bovines was launched after Jessica Ferguson Lapolla, a third-year Agriculture student at McGill University, appealed to the public for help.

WATCH BELOW: A cow and calf are on the mooove in Saint-Lazare. 

The pair were spotted on Thursday afternoon, but got spooked and bolted into the woods.

This prompted fears the cows would be difficult to track down, due to the large expanse of forest on the edge of Lapolla’s farm.

Luckily, Lapolla’s neighbours, who were sipping their morning coffee while gazing out into their fields Saturday, spotted Carmen and her calf amidst the soybeans–about five kilometres away from home, near of the corner of Chevrier and St-Louis roads.

Carmen and her calf will be staying in the neigbour’s barn for a few days as Carmen gets her bearings back.

“The cow is kinda woozy. They had to shoot a dart but she’s gradually waking up,” Lapolla explained.

In the end, all that matters is that the bolting bovines have been found safe and sound.

“We’re so thrilled,” Lapolla said, now that the ordeal is over.

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  • Saint-Lazare farmer searches for runaway cow and calf

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