Alberta Birds of Prey Centre gives visitors more access

The Alberta Birds of Prey Centre in Coaldale is giving visitors an even more up-close and personal look at the birds. A walking trail is being built, which will go around the centre’s wetland, home to many species of wildlife.

The centre has 30 acres of wetlands and ponds, but there have never been pathways close to the water’s edge.

“This will be the first trail we have that actually follows the shoreline from our flying fields visiting centre, so people will be able to see all the wetland species we have here, all sorts of shore birds, songs birds and ducks, even pelicans,” Colin Weir, managing director, said.

Alberta Birds of Prey managing director Colin Weir stands with AtaLinks, Nikki Heck as they are nearing the finish on a new trail at the centre

Sarah Komadina/ Global News

ChangSha Night Net

AltaLink donated $50,000 to the trail. The foundation hopes visitors will take away ideas and inspiration to build nests on their own properties.

“The birds of prey centre does some really important critical work here in Alberta, conserving wildlife and birds of prey… and because we operate in this area as well, we want to support an organization that does work like this,” Nikki Heck, AltaLink environmental adviser, said.

The trail was meant to be finished by the beginning of August, but the wet July prevented work from being completed. The hope is the rest of the month will be dry, so the trail can be finished for the end of August.

Coaldale is located about 18 kilometres east of Lethbridge.

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